Class of 2024 Criminal Justice Day Recap

Class Updates,

Leadership Augusta dedicated a day to delve into the critical realm of criminal justice. November 9th served as a platform for the Class of 2024 to gain insight into the intricate workings of our criminal justice system, fostering a deeper understanding of its challenges and opportunities.

We started our day with an eye-opening tour of the Charlie B. Webster Detention Center where District Attorney Jared Williams and Sheriff Richard Rountree shared with us important insights and statistics about the criminal justice process in the Augusta area.

Our day continued at the Augusta-Richmond County Judicial Center where we heard from an impressive lineup of law enforcement officers from the Sheriff’s Department, GBI and FBI.  

While we ate lunch in the jury assembly room, Chief U.S. District Judge Randal Hall provided an overview of the Federal court system and gave a poignant leadership story.

In the afternoon we heard from a panel of people who are involved in the day-to-day legal workings of our city: Marshall Ramone Lampkin, Judge Le’Joi Williamson, Sam Meller (Augusta Law Department), and Rahmaan Bowick (Public Defender).

Sgt. Shawn Newsome and his crime scene unit demonstrated the process by which evidence is collected and preserved for trial in criminal prosecution.

We later heard about the juvenile court system from Judge Kelli Spencer and a team from DFCS and child advocacy center.

We ended the day at Christy Beckham’s house where we were able to debrief and discuss what had learned about the legal system with Judge Amanda Heath giving us her thoughts and answering questions.

As we navigated through discussions and engaged with experts in the field, we were empowered with the knowledge needed to contribute meaningfully to the ongoing dialogue of criminal justice reform. From law enforcement practices to legal proceedings, our speakers shed light on the multifaceted aspects that shape our community’s safety and well-being.

We sincerely appreciate the collaborative efforts of all the speakers who addressed the complex issues within the criminal justice system. By bringing together a diverse group of leaders, there is no doubt that the city of Augusta is equipped to drive positive change, promoting fairness, equality, and effective solutions.

Leadership Augusta salutes and sincerely thanks our Criminal Justice Committee Chairpersons Alexia Davis Payne, Dixon Revell and Julie Kelly.



Submitted by: Matt Matson and Cheryl Willis