Adult Class Days

Each Class Day is a morning-to-evening itinerary focused on educating the group on a variety of interest areas in the greater Augusta Region. The agenda is programmed to inform on the major accomplishments, ongoing challenges and opportunities to further community development. Field experts and government leaders are invited to speak and guide the group for an immersive experience.

History Day

To learn the significance of the region from a historical perspective, and understand the foundational industry of the area and the individuals who guided the development of Augusta to present-day.

Arts & Culture Day

To experience the beauty and diversity of Augusta, and become acquainted with the people and organizations dedicated to enhancing quality of life in the region.

Economic Development Day

To gain a deeper understanding on the process of growth. To learn how prospective businesses view the region and our leaders' role in bringing the various perspectives into a balanced, focused vision of opportunity.

Education Day

To learn more on how the education system is meeting the needs of K-12 students, is challenged to solve still-existing gaps in the learning path and is preparing the local workforce talent pool.  

Government Day

A road trip to Atlanta, in conjunction with Columbia County Leadership Class and leadership from Augusta Metro and Columbia County Chambers of Commerce. The agenda includes meetings in the Capitol, and discussions with elected officials, chiefs of staff and subject matter experts on state-wide issues impacting the Augusta Region and how the voice of regional leadership is imperative for issue discussions.

Military Day

An in-depth briefing on the role Fort Gordon in the community, from its defense mission to attracting workforce to the influx of families and soldiers relocating to Augusta and the surrounding area. The day features a guided tour of the post by the Garrison Commander and experiences from a day-in-the-life of a soldier. 

Healthcare Day

To learn more about one of the largest employers and leading industries in the region, and about the collaborative relationship between region hospitals, health research institutions and area universities.

Criminal Justice Day

To gain familiarity with the inner workings of the Augusta judicial system, including the process improvements and continuing challenges.