Leadership Augusta was established in 1980, as an affiliate of the Augusta Metro Chamber of Commerce, to enhance the civic participation of emerging leaders within the region. Each year since then, Leadership Augusta has selected approximately 30 of the best and brightest individuals in the region to participate in the ten-month program oriented to developing leadership skills, fostering understanding of the major issues facing the region, improving the communications network among leaders of disparate backgrounds and interests, and most important, motivating them to contribute through voluntary participation in civic activities.

History of Leadership Augusta

Since its inception, over 1,500 individuals have completed the Leadership Augusta program, acquiring the skills, knowledge, and passion necessary to participate fully in the life of this community. Moreover, the program has brought together individuals ranging from corporate executives, and entrepreneurs to educators, non-profit managers, and public servants. These individuals have created lasting networks that have proved essential to creating a vital, positive community for current and future generations.

Leadership Augusta continues to be a vital part of the overall effort to ensure that the pool of talent from which the community can draw its future leaders continues to be renewed.

The founders of Leadership Augusta shared at least two things in common. First, they understood that the future of this region was closely tied to the commitment and expertise of its next generation of leaders. Second, they wanted to ensure that the quality of responses made by future leaders to a wide array of complex social and economic issues in the Greater Augusta region would be vigorous, well-informed, and responsible. Those of us who follow them in leading the organization share their commitment and look forward to guiding Leadership Augusta's strategic direction for the 21st century.