Leadership Augusta Alumni Testimonials

Patricia Walker | Leadership Augusta

Patricia Walker

There is someone from Leadership Augusta involved in every aspect of our community, which is so awesome. Patricia Walker, Class of 1990, Board Chair and Class Chair 1998-1999

Frank Spears | Leadership Augusta

Frank Spears

After completing my class year, I knew I had to give back to the community. So, a few years later I served as Adult Class Chair. That experience was awesome so I ran for public office and won a spot on the Columbia County Commission. -Frank Spears, Class of 1991, Board Chair 2011-2012

Betts Murdison | Leadership Augusta

Betts Murdison

I grew more that year than any other in my life.-Betts Murdison, Class of 2010, Healthcare Day Chair 2012 and 2013

Ed Enoch | Leadership Augusta

Ed Enoch

At the end of my year, I felt the call to action. As a result of LA, I signed on as legal counsel for Civic Center and have been serving for more than 10 years. Ed Enoch, Class of 2003, Board of Directors 2011-2015

Debby Kalliokoski | Leadership Augusta

Debby Kalliokoski

As a member of the 2002 Leadership Augusta class, I had expectations of what the program would do for me. What has become reality, is the enrichment not only personally but also professionally. I appreciate all the opportunities I've been afforded because of being an alum.-Debby Kalliokoski, Class of 2002, Board of Directors 2011-2015

Carolyn Rahn Newsome | Leadership Augusta

Carolyn Rahn Newsome

Graduating from Leadership Augusta in 2009 was a defining point in my career and personal development. I always tell people if you can only participate in one program ever - this is the one. From getting to know your lawmakers, to the inner workings of local companies, to finding out hidden facts about the CSRA, every class was enriching. - Carolyn Rahn Newsome class of 2009

Susan Nicholson | Leadership Augusta

Susan Nicholson

The power of Leadership Augusta is that it brings together different spheres of influence in the community.-Susan Nicholson, Class of 1987, Board of Directors, 2013-2014